Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am melting! Melting!!!


  It has hot as Satan`s butthole out there this week. When they said we were gonna have a heatwave, they were not shitting us. Yesterday it was so hot that the air conditioner in the living room tapped out. I have to go out later and pick up some thumb tacks. I am going to go ghetto style, put a sheet up between the living and dining rooms and the AC will be happy again, hopefully. It worked fine last night because it was not a fucking hot.

  Here at the house we have some hits and some misses in the gardening. The cucumbers are taking off ever since it warmed up. I have like 8 cuke preemies on one plant already! I am excited! The japanese eggplants are not doing so well..one is growing but no flowers yet, the other one is a dud. I have a couple heirloom tomato plants that I planted and I probably should have just thrown them away. They were stressed from the beginning and they just sit there, doing nothing. My cherry tomato plants are HUGE! My other heirloom plant is HUGE! I have great basil growing but something is eating the leaves..slugs maybe. And I have a hot pepper plant that is giving forth lots of peppers. This is just what I have growing here at the house. And I dont even have my raised beds yet. Just wait till I have my raised beds! It will be monumental! I will be a growing maniac. The plants are the community garden are doing well also. We have okra growing, tomatoes, a baby watermelon, and some cucumbers there also. Too hot to tend to the gardens there. We had some rain so they are good until tomorrow. I will either go in the early morning or in the evening.

I really need to step up my strawberry buying. They are on sale now at one of the local grocery stores. I need at least a few more bags of them. Then I have to buy my sugar, jars, pectin, and some jalapenos for the hot ones. I want to make at least 15 regular for the house and then whatever is extra will be given or sold. I am NOT giving away any of the 15. I do it all the time and then I screw the family over because it is like February and there is no jam to speak of. I wish I had the fortitude to can other things but I do not. Maybe with the raised beds, I will have a better opportunity to plant more and then I can can my goods.

Ugh..I need to go out now and it is hot hot hot. Wishing for October!

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