Saturday, July 13, 2013


Freedom Schooner Amistad on the Thames River in New London CT


 Today is Sailfest in my area. It is a big festival with tall ships like the Amistad and the Coast Guard Barque Eagle, food vendors, arts and crafts, bands, beer gardens, and a shit load of people. SHIT LOAD! Oh and of course tonight is the big fireworks extravaganza. That sounds like a great Saturday but to me it feels like I would be exhausted in a minute or two.  I was downtown yesterday picking up Child number 2`s boyfriend from the train. We saw the sights and vendors setting up on the pier. I had some fried dough. I think I had my Sailfest experience.
  It is not hot or humid today and the sun is behind the clouds so it is actually a great day for going. I am just not in the mood. I have been to Sailfest so many times in my life that it all sort of blurs together. Same people, food, drunks, crowds, expensive shit, etc.
 I think I will stay home and watch tv. That may sound sad but sounds like a most perfect thing for me. I am just not feeling the whole festivities this year.
 The only thing that I MUST have is kettle corn. I will get that and I will be happy as a pig in shit. Then the family will devour it. hehehe

  I want to do stuff this summer but hoards of people pressing against me as I walk from point A to point B is not my idea of fun. Does that mean that I am getting old?

Hopefully my allergies will go away for a bit so Hubs and I can go out and have some noodle bowl for dinner. That would be nice.
I better enjoy this weekend because there is a heatwave on the way. Yuck!

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  1. I did not go but heard the fireworks were a monumental stinker. It was foggy and they did not cancel.