Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer lovin, happened so fast


   The weather people say that it is going to be a high of 86 but with the humidity it will feel like it is in in the mid 90s. It has been like that for the past couple days. The air is thick. The walls, floors and stairs are damp. Yuck! There is some relief coming. Thunderstorms tonight and dipping temps will give some relief. When it is like this outside, I stay inside as much as possible. I water my plants but that is about it. The grass could grow as high as a corn field. I do not care. I will always is not the heat that I hate, it is the humidity. If you have never experienced real thick humidity in your life, count yourself as lucky. No matter how long you have been around it, you never get used to it. Today will be a day of inside stuff. I want to wash the stairs again to get the ick from the humidity off. And then clean downstairs. Too much of a hot box upstairs to do anything. That will have to wait till it cools off.
 I just posted this funny video on my Facebook. This woman is swearing about the damn heat we are having. Very funny woman. She is swearing and she has said that Moses needs to take over with deciding on the weather. This woman that I have not talked to in forever decides to get on my Facebook and talk about how the woman is gonna go to hell for using the Lord`s name in vain, etc etc etc. I deleted the post with her comment, re-posted it and said at the top, If you do not like swear words or seeing the God`s name used, DO NOT WATCH IT. This is your warning. Do you know that bitch asked me if I was going through menopause? I AM but she needs to just shut her mouth. I will delete her quick like damn bunny.
 Let me think of some positives for today.
  Hubby is feeling much better from the virus that he caught. It is some weird summer shit that is going around. His friend even had the same symptom of his knees and back hurting. Just weird. He was told it takes a couple weeks to shake it. But he is good. Despite the heat, the veggies in the gardens are doing quite well. We have an okra growing! I never grew okra before so this is a first for us. But she is growing. I should have taken a picture but it was so blazing hot yesterday. I just went and watered the beds and left. Did  not even harvest any kale, which was so huge. I let one of the other gardeners take some home yesterday.
  Even though the Jeep needs brakes badly now, they will be fixed on Monday and all will be good. I knew it was time for brakes but I had to pay taxes and reg on two cars. The brakes were fine until I drove half hour away to DMV and back last week. Now the front brakes have hardly any pad. So she sits until Monday when she can get fixed. The positive in all this is I have been able to save money to the point that I can pay unexpected and expected bills. I forked over a lot of cash this past week and I am happy that I could do it.
  Today we are going to cook some bbq pork, bbq chicken  and potato salad. If it cools off enough this evening, I will make mac and cheese. 
This week has been too humid for any exercise activity at all so I just took it easy and hope for some cooler air to come this coming week.
 I can say that I have gone to the beach once so far this season. The water was nice and cold too. Chelsea, Natalie, and I went. I am hoping we do that more often. Just floating in the cold ocean, cooling off, and having conversation. Great way to spend a summer afternoon.

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