Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow Bound-ish

*225* <---I thoroughly admit I ate stuff. Back on the wagon!

    I hate this computer. I really fucking hate this old ass Dell laptop. It deleted 1 and 1/2 paragraphs. Poof! Those thoughts are just gone. I wish I had a rich aunty so that I could have a fresh new Mac sitting in front of me. A huge ass desktop. It is like I am talking about it so that maybe Santa is real and will bring it to me. I will die holding my breath!

  Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. I am posting on a Saturday. It is snowing at a steady clip out there so we are in the house this morning. It will start to warm up (60s tomorrow..What!) and rain and melt. So we are gonna do our Saturday stuff tomorrow. I figured I am sitting here drinking my coffee, I could get this week`s blog post up. I am on my first cup so we shall see how coherant I actually am.

  I blame the weight gain on December and I had a coat on when I weighed myself. I have a local friend that eats Keto too and we had a good discussion about it. You eat healthy for all your meals and all day every day. But if something crosses your path like say a home made chocolate chip eat it. Most keto people would blast me for that but that is their path and I have mine. If i do not relax about my food, this way of eating will become a issue for me. Hubs and I eat LCHF for all of our meals but since it is almost Christmas, if we are offered a small little something or I have to taste test a bon bon again and again and again, that is okay. For us. On another note, I can feel my collarbones. Yay!

  I have talked about Christmas dinner on here before but I have to type it out so I can look at it. I am getting no help with decision making. This is like a list that I can stare at and add to. I already have the ham. Yesterday I picked up a shrimp ring and that is in the freezer. We talked about doing brie cheese with crackers. This may or may not be wrapped in filo dough.  I also will do a small veggie platter with bodacious onion dip. I want a small batch of my pasta sauce with sausages braising in it. Mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower of course. I am gonna probably do garlic green beans. We all want a repeat of the roasted bacon and brussel sprouts. ummmm. There was talk of a small veggie lasagna but that is too much work. Maybe for the new year. That is four sides. I will only eat like two of them cause I dislike green beans. I need to figure out another veggie side. 

  Of course, because of the work that we had done on the Jeep, money is tight this month. TIGHT! I have to wait till Friday December 23rd to go shopping for our dinner. Yup. And that is the same day that I go to Providence for my follow up with the transplant gastro. The train leaves at like 536am. I get into Providence at 7am. My appointment is at 830 am. It is just a follow up so that could be a half hour or so. I take a Uber back to the train station. The mall is right across the street. My train doesn't leave until noon so I will see if I can find a gift or three. Home by 1pm. Then I have to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy. I will be okay. I will have a list! I have shopped during worse times. I do hate too many people all in one place though so I may need an extra Ativan later.

  Oh yeah, the appt with the gut doctor. First off, his scales are off by like 8lbs and I love that. I weighed 215 at his office on Monday. I know they are wrong but it boosts your ego a little bit. So, he says that we have to wait for the cdiff to be gone before we can see if I have MC. When you are infected, a biopsy cannot tell you if it is UC, MC, or colitis from the cdiff. He showed me the results from a biopsy before that he gave me, before cdiff, and the MC was negative. It doesn't mean it isn't positive now but I have to wait for a clean biopsy. So probably sometime in January, we will do a colonoscopy and upper endo to check to see how everything is. I do feel like mega shit with foods. It could be colitis or it could be the healing process. I will have to just be patient.

 This Monday, I go to the spine center. I know that I will have to do another MRI but on my upper spine and neck. If whatever I have wrong is not immediately dangerous, I want to do PT, anti inflammatories, walking, and swimming if I can find a place that is close. That is all I will say on this for now cause I have no clues as of yet. 

  I miss Lu but it is getting better. It was hard this morning cause she was my little snow bunny. Perl wont go out. Ruby will just go out on the edges by the house to do her business. Lu would go right out in it, walk around, poop and pee, and come back looking like a dirty snow ball. I don't want another dog to replace her. I am leaning towards a kitten but not now. It will be a long while before that happens. But I would like another black cat. We haven't had one in 5-6 years. It is time. 

Coffee is cold, dishes are dirty, and I have said enough this morning. I hope you have a great Saturday. Get your shopping done!

Oliver looking at the storm

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