Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day 2016

*This video was shortened by :27 seconds. The beginning was a hilarious exchange between the two but I guess someone wanted to make it more PC*  Update...They fixed it! Yay!

   I am very sad. I loved loved loved George from the very beginning. I always sang along when I heard his songs. He was a big part of my 80s and growing up. I did not realize how close in age we actually were. I loved him and nothing changed that. The years gone by, scandals, or drugs did not make me be snide toward him. May he forever rest in peace.

  Box-ing Day: noun (in parts of the British Commonwealth) a public holiday celebrated (strictly the first weekday) on the day after Christmas. 
Origins:  mid 19th century: from the custom of giving tradespeople a Christmas box on this day. 

  Today is the day after Christmas. I was too busy cooking and enjoying, that I figured I would post today. I do not celebrate Boxing Day but today is the day and one of my favorite Brits has passed on, so I deemed it appropriate. I was in the middle of cleaning the pantry when I remembered I had to post. I finished the whole left side. Basically because it was the easiest and less gross side. Eight shelves that have our canned goods, grains, pastas, and all things we use to cook meals. Hubby and I only venture in their for veggies (if no fresh or frozen), oils, and that is about it. I will be filling it with more compliant stuff for us. Our flours stay in the freezer.  I just sprayed down the top right side. This side is gross. The top shelf holds all the vinegars, oils, and liquid spices. That shelf is disgusting cause soy sauce and liquid aminos stain. The next shelf holds all the pet food. Again it gets gross. Last shelf carries all of our medications inside tubs. After that I have to tackle the bottom right. All my baking stuff. Ugh. That is just a mess. MESS! It has to be organized top to bottom.

  To add to my tales of woe...hubby and I are back on LCHF/Keto 100% starting today. I am not making excuses for my eating behavior anymore. I will say that this past month has been really bad emotionally. I decided to eat my feelings with carbs and sugar. I have not gained weight but I feel gross. My gut is bloated. I have headaches again. Just yuck. He was sticking to it about 80% but we totally just jumped ship on Christmas Eve Eve. I had chinese food with rice and I ate the rice dammit!  I ate stuff that I should not have and I am moving on. This morning it was a BPC with 3 eggs, ham, onion, avocado, and a little pickled tomato. I just downed a squirt of whipped cream and later I will make some fat bombs. Those will save me as I get fat adapted.  That will take about a month to achieve.

  I have decided I will
not go to the Yale spine clinic. I did not like it there for some reason. Gave me a bad vibe. My GP office called a referral for me to go to the local neurosurgeon`s office. That will probably be awhile to get in but I will wait. I have a MRI of my neck scheduled for the 30th. Part of me wants to cancel it. I have to drive myself so that means no valium. We shall see. I may just feign a head cold.

Let me go for
now. I have some more shelving to clean and I need to eat some Jalapeno poppers. I will probably come back when I am less busy.

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