Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our First Fresh Tree


   Today I will be purchasing my first real live pine smelling Christmas tree. It will be a 3-4 footer. I dont want a super big tree cause our house is small. I think when I bought the smelly pine sticks for the tree last year, that was telling me something. All my childhood. we had a real tree for Christmas. Dad could complain about the price. He would tie it to the top of the car. The house would smell great. And needles in the carpet. I realized just recently that we stopped having fresh trees after he died in November 1983. My sister and her husband bought a fake tree for my Mom and that was that. I have had fake trees ever since. This last one is a prelit. I hate it! And it is 7 years old.. I was going to go out to buy a new fake one. But I decided to give a fresh one a try. Even if it is just for this year.

  Thanksgiving was good. We had a keto feast. I did eat a little pie. That is okay too. I am human. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. I just have to pick up a couple things for the girls. I am still kinda bah humbug but since it is the 1st of December, I will give the holiday a chance. We decided on a ham for holiday dinner. Kid #2 and I will figure out the sides later. I am trying so hard to be 100% complaiant with the foods that I am allowed to eat. I just stressed out a tad and sometimes I just say fuck it and eat something I shouldnt. I have to be strong! I have more weight to lose. I am doing so well. I have to step up my game, get sneakers, shoe inserts, and start walking.

    I was able to read the notes on my lower spine MRI. What I do know for sure from reading is that my L5S1 is extremely bad and my L4L5 is moderately bad. You would think I would be in more pain. I barely take a Tylenol. Lately my neck has been hurting more but I dont want to think about that. I go to the Yale Spine Center on January 3rd and we will see what the surgeon says about my issues.  I will try to leave this alone till I hear what he has to say.

I covered the windows too.

 In the midst of doing this post, I had left to go do errands and pick up the tree. Isnt she the cutest? I had to secure the trunk because it was too skinny for the tree stand. It is very sturdy now. It is watered and we are going to leave it be today. Let it`s branches settle. Tomorrow we will deck the little honey out. I totally love it and I will probably do this again next year. It cost $25. What a good deal!

Okay..I have a shit ton of dishes to wash plus I have to make dinner, which I hate to do. I am tired and in pain. But I will push through cause when I am done, I am gonna soak in the tub and get into the bed and watch my YouTube favorites.

Have a great rest of your week!

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