Monday, December 12, 2016

Rainy December Morning


     It snowed last night. Our first real snow of the season. Barely an inch but it totally counts as our first flakes. Of course it is raining because it is just too warm here on the shore. As long as I don't have to deal with the icy hill, I am good with any precipitation. I have my massive mug of BPC this morning. I have to decide what to do today amongst my Monday shit. I always have therapy in the a.m. That will be a hour from now. I have to wash the bed linens and there is a shit ton of dishes as per usual. I have to prep foods for the fridge. I make hard boiled eggs, cucumber salad, and cut up cheddar blocks for snacking. Okay..Just as I typed that, I went in the kitchen, started the eggs, and cut up the cheese. I will do the salad later. Those are like staples in our fridge.

   I wrapped all the gifts I have bought so far. It is going to be a intentionally lean Christmas. We are all adults and just cause they are our children doesn't mean they are supposed to get a shit ton of gifts like they are five. I am done. Done on so many levels. Four adults in the house need to ALL contribute in every facet of the household. So, Christmas will be very merry but it wont be abundant on purpose. We have a big ole ham in the deep freezer that I will thoroughly enjoy with lots of veggie sides. I will make a pie (s?) that will not be ketogenic. I think one will be apple and another sweet potato. That last one went fast!  I have three more gifts to buy. Hubs has to buy two more for them and he has to shop for me. I just remembered.......I had to water the tree. I checked it every couple of days and it had to be topped off this morning. Yeah, that is how my Mondays are.

  I see MY gastro this afternoon. We get to discuss my colitis. I do not want to take medication for it. I bet it will be a lifetime of fish and salad for me. I have to share. I have never eaten salmon before. I think the fact that you eat it partially raw always made me take a step back from it. But I know I have to overcome it. I have heard really good things about canned salmon. I think I will try that first before I try to cook it. Most recipes online are too carby. Most are for making fish cakes. I did find THIS RECIPE for Low carb salmon patties. I will have to spend an hour on Pinterest to find stuff. If I do, I will add it to my Keto-a-go-go pin page.  We shall see how that goes.

Okay....I just realized that I am still in my jammies and have to be to the therapist in half hour. I will post this, come back, and add more.

  I am back. It is 2pm. Kid #2 is sickkkkkkkk. She called out of work today and I have this soup cooking in the crockpot. I used real and less potatoes, added white beans too, and a smidge of ginger. I will not add the flour at the end.  I have all her work clothes going in the washer and I am taking a break. I saved two sausages for myself for my lunch. Yum! I will make a big tossed salad to make it a good dinner.

   My therapy session was eye opening and I cried a bunch. I learned about my bipolarness and how I perceive things. I was looking at a situation only on my side of the fence and on the other side. I feel much better about something that was really hurting my feelings. I am better with it all now. I am glad for the tears and the clarity. Sometimes it is good to have a mirror put up for you to see.

  I see the gut doctor in about 1 1/2 hours from now. I refuse meds and I will listen to what he says about changes in eating to heal me. Like I need more changes.  I am gonna end it here. I have dishes waiting for me before I go.
Hope you all have a good week. Stay warm! Make some soup!

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