Monday, December 21, 2015

Well that sucketh

*234* <---oh yeah. That isnt a typo

   Some shit went down this past week. I was hospitalized for a infection that I acquired during my surgery. It is called C-Diff aka It`s a Shit Storm! It was bad. And that is not an exaggeration. I woke up Tuesday around 3am with a low grade fever and chills. I bounced back and forth between 99 and 100. I dont get fevers so that is unusual. Diarrhea ensued. I figured it was part of my healing and the stool softener I took cause the Oxy screwed me up in my gut. Oh no no. It was much worse then that. 
  Hubs took me to the ER at 4pm. Long story short...I had 102 fever, 135 tachy heart rate, and dangerously low blood pressure. They admitted me into isolation at 1am. I stayed until Thursday afternoon. I am on high dose antibiotics to kill the spores in my intestines with live culture probiotic to keep it that way. 
  That is the first time i ever felt like I might die. I did
nt like it. The way the nurses and Doctors were acting, I count myself as lucky. C-diff kills. I am not elderly but I have a compromised immune system. I could have died. I am still thinking about that. I have decided that I am not going to let moss grow beneath my ass anymore. 
  The hubs is all over me which I like. He realizes that it could have been my final exit too. It is not time for that yet. We have to have some fun first.

  So, I am o
n a bland diet and I eat very little. It could be a month up to a year before my gut feels semi better. I have learned that I am probably lactose intolerant now. Vegan options in dairy forever. Oils and greasy are out. I had a few bites of a hamburger and learned my lesson. I can tolerate the kefir and soups. Bland is best said the foodie.  Christmas dinner will be interesting.

 That is how I like to end out the year. With a big bang!

I am going slow. Today the dog has a check up at the vet for her teets and I MAY make bon bons but that is not set in stone.


  1. C Diff is some bad stuff! Take care of yourself and rest. I hope 2016 is much better!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am doing better. Slowly learning what I can and cannot eat.
    Thank you!