Thursday, December 10, 2015

Goodbye To You!

*237* <----I can explain!

  In the continuing saga that is my life, I have added a quick December chapter to 2015. I dont work in a office but Matt Bellassai is a hoot. I could use the laughs.     My gallbladder has betrayed me. She is full of stones, inflammed my liver, and making me miserable. Surgery is for this Friday. I had some weird itching that turned into bruising on my thigh. I am waiting the bloodwork to see if it is my liver complaining. It will be outpatient so I can whine in the comfort of my own bed. Dairy will never be my faithful friend again. BooHoo! So I am eating broths, jello, etc. Of course I am losing weight. Good thing but not the reason why.
 That is about all I want to talk about now. I got some bodily maintence stuff to do today. Hair, eyebrows, and a pedi. Gotta look fresh as I can for the surgeon.

Edit: I am propped up on the couch surrounded by pillows and I am watching cooking shows. My surgery was yesterday at 1130a and I came home at 530p. Nobody told me how painful this was going to be. I have had lap procedures before but the cuts in my upper abdomen hurt soooo badly. The oxy is not working long enough to take the next oxy. So I just endure. Tomorrow will be a better day.
Positive! My liver doesn't hurt anymore! For that I will suffer. You only have one liver and you have to treat her like a queen. 
 I am a doer so for me to be stuck on the couch sucks major. But that is okay. I will be a good girl.
I promise. 

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