Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas time is here

 I am not gonna be a big ole Bah Hum Bug this year. Or at least I will try my hardest. I want to be happy this season. Too much stuff has transpired over this past year that has made it really awful. I lost one of my oldest online friends and I am still partly upset about that. It will take time because I really dont know why. I have some ideas but that is all speculation. I had to lose another friend to blocking because she became a bigger asshole after the first friend dumped me. Surgery. Bad diagnosis. Sick dogs. Etc Etc Etc. It is ending with me most likely having to have a hysterectomy for the new year, two dogs are sick and on meds, and I think the starter might be going on the Jeep. Oh! This is a good one. We get the porch steps repaired and they tell us our porch is leaning. Doesnt need to be fixed right away but the whole thing will have to be replaced. Insurance doesnt cover that. Thousands of dollars. Sometimes I think I am being hexed. Why dont they just kill me and get it ovr with??

nksgiving was good. Food was good. Company was good. I actually had a great time this year. I have been slowly cyber shopping for Christmas. After paying $400 on the vet this past week, I have to be careful. Plus what if I need a new starter! Oh yeah..I am bitching and I didnt want to do that.

I had a ultrasou
nd on my uterus to see if they can see the Adenomyosis. I am pretty bad off with the pain. I dont say cause I have said enough this year about my body. But I have two options at this point..Wait out full blown yer all done Menopause or Hyster. This has been discussed before but it was back burnered. It really has to be dealt with because the pain can be unbearable. I just wonder how long is recovery. I will have to ask those hard questions. If it is done, it will be after the new year. 

That is about it for now. Pray that the jeep will start until I can get a mechanic to look at it. Ugh. We are down to one car at this point.

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