Thursday, December 3, 2015

Awwww nuts!

 I did not win the contest. :(

 I have no idea who one yet. Fisher nuts will post it on their FB page. I did get a email that shows that my prize is coming on Monday. A $100 visa gift card that I will use for Christmas and a cookbook. They aint sending me the nuts. It was in the PDF when I first found out but they changed it. I guess they figured we can buy our own. That is basically why I entered the contest. Feel kinda violated. (kidding)
   Do I feel bad? Ummm not really. I wasnt expecting to win. I tried really hard to get votes and that is all you can do. I asked but they will not let us know where we ranked in the contest. I was probably dead last. Cause you know, as some people have said, all the other recipes were way better. I had to throw that dig in.
 Thanks for the votes if you helped. I appreciate it!

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