Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Blahs

*250* <---back on track!

   I have been in a winter coma. With all the snow we have gotten this month, I was not doing much else but making scarves and resting up till the next storm. We are due for one on Tuesday. This morning the temp is -6 deg F. The dog went out. The dog came back. It is brickety brick brick brick outside.  People not from this part of new england thinks we should just shut up about it all. It is winter. Yes bitch, it IS winter. But Connecticut doesn't get it like the extreme north. This aint Mount Mckinley. We get smaller 1-3 inch storms with maybe 1 big one all season. Blizzards are rare. Minus 0 temps even more so. So I will complain all I want to!
This morning at 7am

   My friend is gonna need back surgery. I am going to be there to help her. I have to build some muscle up. Good thing I didn't cancel gym membership. My feet are not right but I can do the bikes and all the other stuff. I cant distance walk but I can do 20 mins on the treadmill. I have to build up my arms, legs, and back so that I can help her maneuver as she heals. It will be hard but this is why I am thinking ahead. I am hoping she will get some help from her daughter and daughter`s partner too. I will go over there today to clean house and make some chicken soup.

  Hubs foot is healing. He is still in pain but it is a bit less. I am glad for that. He has been compliant with the boot and hopefully back to work very soon. He is bored as hell.

   I worry as usual. Taxes. Bills. Oil. Taxes. Car registrations. Taxes. Bills. Etc. Winter is just plain expensive. I worry about friends and family that are in financial burdens which I cannot help with.

Maybe I need to look into Yoga or meditation. I have to keep my thoughts positive. If I am positive, I wont stress eat chocolate.  hehehehe

Furnace is lovely. Keeping the house warm. I will have to buy oil probably this coming week because of the cold temps. We would have lost the house if we didnt get the furnace replaced. I am so thankful for that.
This is a choppy and sporadic post. I know. I have to get moving for a appt but I wanted to check in. I will do a proper post later on. Smack me if I forget!

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