Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of Winter?



  Eating pickle spears and sweet pickled peppers

I am in a better mood today. But this post will be short. I will explain in a bit. I had a meltdown yesterday but after some talk with Hubs, I realized I have alot on my mind. Too much really. I will be okay in that realm.

  It is gonna snow tomorrow afternoon. I am not even gonna bitch about it. 4-8 inches. Yup. 

Taxes. I may do them tomorrow. I may not. We shall see. We will owe so I am avoiding like the plague.

 I could just lay around and watch Hulu Plus or try to read 50 shades of Grey again. I fell asleep two chapters in. Jane Eyre is better and she never makes me fall asleep. That says something about that book. 

 I have been trying to keep my stress eating down to a minimum and eat healthy things. Today it was a handful of ginger snaps, 5 Doritos chips (kid had control of my portion), and those pickles that are mentioned up top. But I also have a box of Russel Stover Chocolates in the cabinet.

My symptoms have gotten worse this past week. They are not WORSE but they are slowly ramping up. My hands are giving me trouble. My legs are heavy and a bit weaker. My neck hurts all the time. It gives me headaches. It makes my shoulders and collar bone hurt. And I had a scary thing happen today. I had a electric shock cattle prod thing on the right side of my head. I remember those from when my L5 was bad. But it was in my back. Having in head sucks major.

It looks like a her
niated cervical disc would be the best option at this point. I have read about Spinal Stenosis with Myelopathy. If that isnt me, then I am a monkey`s auntie.  March 21 isnt coming fast enough. Stupid tattoo that I really like. LOL


Speaking of Aunties, you should check out Auntie Fee. She has a Facebook page but I like to just go to her Youtube videos. She swears but she is funny and she cooks. She cooks for people that have very little money. I repeat. She swears. Quite alot. The guy behind the camera is her son, Tavis. He gets her riled up so easy. It makes us laugh. But I learned some new ways of cooking old favorites. 

The kid just gave me 3 tiny pizza bagels. The eating continues.

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