Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Enough is effin enough!

I dug out small trail for the furkids

*253* <---fuck you!

  I have had enough of the snow. The bone chilling cold. The clutter of my house. The lack of money cause everyone wants it. Yesterday, I think I blew a fuse in my brain. I was out all day yesterday. I come home and they wonder why I had not cooked dinner. Really? So you had a busy day saving the world and you couldn't do it?? The house is a mess. Literally. There are four adults in this house. One that is chronically sick who hates clutter. Hates mess. This mess stresses me out so badly. They don't care. I try to chip away at it as best as I can but then they all swoop in and fuck it up again. Yah!   They want this. They want that. I need it! It is dire!!! But nobody forks over any cash. Then they wonder out loud how I have spent all the money. Why isn't there any? Like i go to the casino or come home with bags from the Mall.

I have said it before and have had no follow through. But after yesterday. I really am done. There will be some major changes.

 I am tired of being the. one. that. does. everything.

   I have to have a MRI of my neck. It was supposed to happen STAT (this Thursday) but because of that stupid tattoo that I was roped into, I have to wait till March 21. Tattoos take 5 weeks to dry completely. They can actually run in the MRI machine. I am guessing it could be painful too. Something the Dr wants done now cause of my symptoms cant be done because I cant say no and stick to my guns. I am upset about this because there is really something wrong and because I am so damn weak..I have to be in a holding pattern. I am just really in a bad head space right now. I have to vent. I am sorry. 
   It is not exaggeration. They all truly take me for granted and expect the sick one to do it all. I ask.  They do a little bit. Then it is right back where it was before. So much MUST be done. I am so tired physically. You have no idea. I don't divulge all. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to deal anymore.

I bet you o
nce it gets warmer, I will be better. Just not today.

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