Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Help meh save!

THIS is not spend fast worthy!


  That is a tattoo on MY right wrist. It was done during a special tattoo event for Friday the 13/Valentine`s Day. $31. The owner printed it much bigger then it was supposed to be. He also came to see what it looked like. I think he wants it too so I promptly thanked him for the upgrade. Oh yeah. The kid got one too. So after taxes and tip, I was out $80. It was a bonding moment. We had both been itchy for one. This reminds me of elementary school. Every morning I watched Tom and Jerry while I ate breakfast. If you know T&J, you get the tattoo.
Pretty cool, huh?
Ummm no. It isnt. I am so stupid. I cant even follow a simple task of saving money. I am so utterly broken that it is ridiculous. I would ask for advice but nobody comments or probably reads for that matter. Bots dont respond either.  You that read are not Bots. I apologize for that. I just need some cheerleaders and there aren't any.
 I think it is hard for me because of when this started. I still have $2k to *spend* before the deductible is reached so all is out of pocket. We have been having awful month winter wise. I just paid a huge electric bill. I will probably have to pay taxes this year. Plus I have car taxes and car reg coming up for April so I feel like I am constantly digging out. It is a lame excuse but it is how I feel.
 I also have the influences of the family. They pester me to get this. Buy this. And I have to be strong.  I have to say no no no!

How do I stay strong?  How do I not spend? *whine!*

It is very hard for us to do the *eat from the pantry* way of saving cause we already eat from it. I guess we could eat Ramen and split peas for dinner. Yay! I have been looking up recipes with things I already have in the house.
I was so proud of myself when I saved over $60 at BJ`s Wholesale Club last month and not on frivolous stuff either.  Part of me knows I should do coupons but my brain is not good like that. This has turned into a total crybaby woe as me post but I had to do it. I have to own up that my family and my hair trigger spending finger are to blame.

I think the snow is getting to me. Really I do. It is snowing right now! Has been for a couple hours. I have to go out to shovel after this post. Today I will shovel, water plants, clean/organize food pantry and possibly ignore my taxes for another day.

Spending Fast Game Plan:

Do not veer from the list of approved expenditures.
Do not buy processed foods unless extremely cheap.
Plan Garden for this year.
Put money aside till end of month.
Use that money to pay off a bill that has languished forever.
Lather Rinse Repeat until debt is paid off.
Save Save Save afterward.

Question: Is spending on supplies to make the raised veggie beds a okay expense? It will ultimately save us money in the long run.
That I would like another opinion on.

Today is Fat Tuesday. I have red beans cooking in slow cooker to serve over rice with baked chicken wings. Lots to do today.
Have a great last day of debauchery before Lent!

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