Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweater Weather

Tiny waisted biotch

  We shoveled the ice slush Satan`s brew this morning. We did so in shirts, jeans and house sweaters. There was no need for coats, gloves, or hats. It was glorious. Except for the slippery shit out there that we hate.  More of the same tonight.

   I am thi
nking about all this crappy weather and what I want to do for the yard for the warmer weather. I have a bunch of old plastic chairs that I will spray paint. I will pick up some cheapo side tables and we all want a fire pit. Sit under the tree in the side yard or top yard (havent decided yet), burn marshmallows, drink some Yuengling, and enjoy the warmth of my familia. That sounds like a great way to forget about this sucky sucky winter.

The neuro wont give me anything for the pain. He has to see the MRI first. As told to me by the woman on the phone, he wanted to know why my appointment was so late. I told about the tattoo. He wanted me to try very hard (her words) to get a earlier MRI. Yeah..that doesnt make me feel smiley at all. So I will just take the damn Aleves and just deal. I am stuck cause of fish tattoo. Stupid Heidi. Stupid Tattoo. 

  OMG! Is that the sun!?!?! *blink blink*

 There is
nt much else to say. I hate the broken keyboard. Home made pizzas on the pizza stone for dinner. I have all my tax papers together waiting to be fondled. I got our bill for back car taxes that have to be paid before Jeepo is registered. Oh yeah. That is gonna hurt! And I wish I still smoked...just right now. A newport 100 would be oh so..awful. Just awful.

Happy Happy!

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