Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life is a trip


  I am here. Just many things have been going on. Right now today I am dealing with having a brain MRI tonight. We are checking to see if I have a cerebral spinal fluid leak. Yup. We are back at that again. Three years ago I was at this same point. But it turned out to be my mastoid. This time it might actually be a leak from my sinus. I am taking a pill called Topomax for my head and neck pain. This is day four. It makes me feel loopy. That and feeling like garbage cause of my head and you can bet my ass spends alot of time in bed.
 I did try to be normal today. I raked some poopy leaves from under the bushes while the dogs were out. I am washing some clothes. I put all the scarves away for the season. I cleaned the livingroom, including dusting and vacuuming. We had the windows open too. Feels good.
It will be snowing later but I digress.
  This has what has been going on. I am a downer cause my life is suckage right now. I know that will change. Everything does. You will see my weight steadily drop as I post. That is if I continue to take this pill. My appetite is nil. Today I had a cup of coffee and a forced banana. It is 1pm. Everything tastes gross so there is no point. It is a plus for a diabetic.
eh. whatever.
I have been called out as a downer because I am not POSITIVE lately!  Maybe that is why I dont post. What is the point. I should just take a picture. Post it. Voila. There can only be positive from that.
Happy Easter to all of you that celebrate!

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