Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is it cold enough for ya??

Ground Hog Day

*253* <----fucking menopause

  Let me start with how the spending fast is going. It really isn't. Savings this month $123. I guess I could say that is really good but it isn't. I bought some stuff that I knew I shouldn't. This past week I just didn't even think of abstaining. Starting fresh. I didn't spend at all today and I plan to really stick to it. I am more aware of what I spend. I also have the benefit now that oil and gas are cheaper so I will save from that. I was able to buy a little more then half a tank of oil (116) for $260. That is WAY cheaper then past years. I used to spend more on 50 gallons.  So January was a bust but I learning bust. I will save more for February. I will only spend on what is allowed. I can do THIS! Say it with me now!

I ca
n do THIS!!

  Menopause sucks major major major. My period is late 18 days. Last month it was super late too. This is why the weight gain. Hubs and I didnt buy any ice cream or chips or crap this past week. I want to get back to where I was. He has a broken foot and he is afraid he will gain more cause he is less active. Hot flashes. Oh yeah. Mostly I wear a sweater instead of a coat cause I am always hot. It is frigid the past couple days so I did keep warm but this summer is gonna be bad. I better lose a shit ton so when I am walking around half naked cause of my hormones, nobody will be too grossed out. I just appreciate the good days of my new hormone imbalanced life. Lordy.

  The blizzard of 2015. Our little city got close to 30 inches of the white stuff. This is our street before the plows came. It was past my knees and I am 5`3. It took two days to dig out. Since he is wearing a

Blizzard 01/2015

Herman Munster boot, I had to rally the troops to help me with the snow. I had help. I was pleased. They know the proper way to shovel a BIG snow. We had a bit yesterday but it wasnt too bad. But Super Bowl Sunday night and all day Monday are a different story. 4-8 inches for the shoreline (us), 8-16 inches for the rest of the state. Ground Hog Day is in two days. I already know what the outcome will be. The Ground Hogs ass fur stuck to the bottom of his hidey hole and we will have a long winter!

  As some of you know, I love freebies, contests, and sweepstakes. I dont do them to freak proportions but I do it plenty. I have gotten some nice things over the past couple years. Snack foods, free coupons for stuff, zippo lighters, two ottomans (2 different contests), and little doo dads here and there. Lots of samples too. I never think I will win something big. Today was that day! I received a email from Bausch & Lombe that I was chosen as one of the weekly winners of their current contest. I won a 32 gig iPad mini! Can you believe that? I could never afford the expense to buy one for myself. I filled out all the paperwork and it will come in 6-8 weeks from now. Spring time. Perfect.  I decided hubs and I  would share it. Instead of using our phones in bed all the time. Goody! I am so happy. After all the crap that has gone on with us, it is good to have a bit o sunshine.

   One thing that was very bad was I lost was a very good friend. She unfriended me on Facebook/Life and it made me extremely sad. I worry about her health and unless my other friends tell me, I wont know how she is doing. I love her dearly and always will. I will never have hard feelings towards her because I couldnt. She is like my sister.

  I am cold sitting here. Brrrr. Frigid like whoa. It is 20 deg F at almost 6pm and that doesnt factor in the windchill. I will get off here, turn the chicken wings, and start the rice pilaf. I am making a big caesar salad too. Yummmmmm.

I hope you all have a great weeke
nd. I will not spend!!

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