Friday, January 9, 2015

Queen of Heata!

Isnt she pretty?

Woot! Woot!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

 She was installed on Wednesday. Just before the bitter bitter cold hit that night. It took the crew six hours to take out the old and install our Green Queen. She is energy starred! The house was so warm that night. The bubbles were warm too. Ahhh!
 I have to thank everyone that helped out. Without you all, this would have never happened. Today I had oil delivered. The electricity bill came too. $380.00 for that saga. Wow! That is alot. Thank goodness that I have the money to pay it.

One less worry.

Oh, I have really gotten into this spending fast. I have not spent on anything that is not on the list. I have money in the bank. For a split second, I was gonna buy take out tonight. It is Friday plus it is our 22nd wedding anniversary. I even checked our bank balance. But I stopped. The answer is leftovers. Sliced spicy italian sausages on toasted italian bread with parm cheese on top. Heated in the toaster oven. Saves me money and there isnt anybody saying no fair!
I like it.
It feels good to not spend.

I am gonna go eat. I will post something tomorrow!

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