Friday, January 16, 2015

Spending Update #1 aka I SUCK

*255* <----I effin gained. Must stop that now!

   I have done really good at saying no to myself. I was all ready to buy yarn today to make a scarf but I said no. But last night I was super tired, didnt have the energy to cook so we all went out for breakfast. $60. Dummy.  I suck at this. But I have to continue. Fall off the horse. Get right back on. Right back on! Yay!  I have to be strong.

  The furnace is lovely. We have heat all over the place. It makes us all happy. I have to curb the dependants though. They think constantly jacking the heat up to 70 is just because they endured a month with no heat. Yes, we were cold. Yes, we are good now. Still costs money to run that you are not providing.

 I have to get dressed here soon. I have to go grocery shopping and later this afternoon I have to pick up a couple batches of apples for super cheap from the farm I go to. $5 for half a bushel. I will make some apple sauce and a pie. Like my fat ass needs a pie.

  I gained weight! My clothes still are okay but I gained weight. I have to stop this today. The holidays are over. Time to rein in the junk food. Healthy eating. Cottage cheese! Veggies! Yogurt! Fruit! Protein! Whole Grains! Water! Walk away from the bread, pasta, rice, and white potatoes, girlfriend. Chocolate is not your friend right now.
 Oh yeah..I am probably going thru actual menopause now. Periods will be days and days late then when I get it, it lasts a day. A DAY!  Woot Woot! I really have to buy myself a good pair of sneakers with some inserts. I have to get my walking back on. Stupid feet. Stupid diabetes.

Okay, I am done with all that wallow. It is a cold and sunny day. I am going to enjoy it!

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