Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My little helper


  At the bottom of this page you will see a ticker that I added with the amount of weight I have lost so far. It is part of a program called Myfitnesspal. It is a free calorie counter, diet and exercise journal. You can use it on the computer or download the app on your phone. You use it to track your food intake during the day. It tells you if you are within your calorie range. It also tracks your water consumption and exercise. When you add in exercise, even walking stairs, it adds calories to your daily total. To lose weight, you try not to eat any of those added calories. It has helped me alot in determining what I should and shouldnt eat in terms of carbs and fat. You have it listed on each food choice how many sugars, carbs, sodium, fats, etc. I thought I would share with you all since maybe you would like to join me.
 OMG! I have to tell you. Kid number 1 has been in a mood for the past couple of days. Last night she made home made chocolate chip cookies and left a note. She made them to say sorry for being bitchy lately. How sweet of her. How horribly sweet of her. LOL
 I took them off the two plates and put them in the cookie jar. I have not eaten any and I dont plan too. Home made cookies are a major weakness. This is a test. God is testing me. I will win that test. I am not going to screw up a  month (today) of healthy eating. 14 lbs lost in a month. That is insane! At least it is for me. Wait till I start really walking more. It is still too humid for me. Once it is a bit cooler, I will strap on my sneaks and I am off.
Give myfitnesspal a try and if you like it, I am glad.

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