Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Twenty Pounds Down..Ba-Bye


This bitch lost 20 lbs! WooHoo!

I do not step on the scale every day. That would be stupid. Your weight fluctuates with hormones and such. It would drive a person insane if today you weighed 179 and tomorrow 174 and later on that day 181. You have to spread them out during the week.  But for some reason this morning, I was compelled...to...look.
Wait. What?
Get off the scale. Get on the scale.
 Get off the scale. Move the scale to another location. Get on the scale. 

Holy shit.
  Five pounds away from 250 and then say good by to the 50s and hello to the 40s. Friday I go to the local gym with my bestie and we are both going to re-join. She wants me to walk with her in the mornings. Then I can go back later in the day to get a more intensive work out. Not planning on over doing it at all. I am going to go slow. I might be really slow in the beginning just like my friend but eventually I will ramp it up to more extensive exercises to build muscle. Especially in the gut.

Anyway, I thought I would share. Tonight`s dinner is going to be two fillets of oregano and garlic crusted Tilapia cooked under the broiler with some rainbow salad and sugar free jello.

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