Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The good, the bad, and the ugly

  I have a very nice neurologist. He is being cautious. He has not diagnosed me with IIH yet. He sees that I have symptoms but the are intermittent. He wants to make sure my problem isn't mechanical meaning the cracks in my skull. He sees some irritation but wants the ophthalmologist to check while I am dilated, they will have a better view. He has put me on diamox, which is given to people with IIH. I will lower then clinical dose for now. I have to call him in two weeks to see if it is helping.  He did tell me that after my surgery, if I get a really bad high pressure even on the pills, to go to local ER to get a emergency spinal tap. Scary.
  I have a cat scan of my sinus on next Tuesday. Simple in and out visit. This coming Friday I have appt with a new eye office. My eye dr is a optometrist and I need a ophthalmologist. They are medical doctors that can do surgeries. When I called she said I had to wait till July. When I told her what it was for she had June. The she called back 5 minutes later to tell me poked around and found one for this Friday. I am very fortunate for that.
  He doesn't want to christen me with IIH until he is absolutely sure. It is a rare, incurable, and devastating disease. I am still in denial.


  1. My optic nerves and eyeballs as a whole are fine. Phew! I will post more tomorrow.

  2. Oh damn. I forgot to post. I have been so busy. I pinky promise I will post tomorrow.

    Thank you Lauren.