Thursday, April 30, 2015

There are no breaks to give


 I should have posted sooner but my brain needed a rest. The news is not good. I will definitely need surgery on my left temporal bone through my mastoid. The mastoid is full of fluid. Brain fluid. They also think I have a crack in my sinuses. I have to go back to have a nuclear medicine scan for them to detect that. I have been told by two experts that I probably have the IH. My ear dr got three doctors in the Dept of neurology at Yale to take me on. They are supposed to call today. The nose Dr called me today to tell me about the sinus scan and she said she will push whoever to get a call to me asap. I dislike the letters ASAP. On the one hand it is good, you are being taken seriously. On the other hand, holy crap.
 Two surgeries. They cant do them at the same time. The sinus surgery will require a 3-4 day stay in the hospital. They have to keep your head pressure down so that the seal can cure. Sounds delicious.
 My head is killing me today and my eyesight sucks so i will leave you to this. I will report back later.

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  1. I see the neuro on Tuesday. My besties are driving me.