Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I will never pinkie promise!


  I totally forgot to post. Let us forever more blame my brain disease. Plus I have alot of shit floating around in my brain. Stuff to do. Stuff to fill out. etc. Apparently this song too. Back in the day (early 80s), I knew ALL the words to this song. All of them. I was cleaning house and I like to listen to my S.O.S Band channel on Pandora. Well, this song came on. It only took like two minutes for my brain to go to the back room to pull out this song. I still know ALL the words. WickyWickyWickyWicky.

I had THE best pre-op physical appointment in the history of all pre-op physical appointments. My Endocrinologist/PCP walked in the room and gave me praise. He said he was proud of me and that he thinks of me differently (in a good way) from this day forward. He said that despite two doctors (him included) giving me the same diagnosis, I decided to advocate for myself. I got a 2nd opinion and found that I was correct. I had diagnosed myself. I knew what was wrong and I wasn't gonna stop till somebody listened. He has great respect for people like me. He is also very open to referring me to a immunologist after all this mess is done. I need some answers as to why I am always sick. There is a good one in Tarrytown, NY
I am fine. EKG was good. He took a bunch of blood work. He knows all about the diamox because they use it in that office. He is going to check my potassium and magnesium to see if I need a supplement. He made me feel better about the pill. I am not as stressed about all the side effects. My chickeny ass finally took my morning pill of it. I was scared to do it. A wise blonde friend told me to just take it! You will be fine. And except for my hands having pins and needles, I am not suffering any ill effects.  I guess my adult make-a- wish night at the casino isn't gonna happen. Oh well. All the high rollers must be busy.

  I go to see my surgeon Friday morning to talk about the surgery. It happens next Thursday. I dont know what time yet. They will call me Wednesday evening. I try to keep myself busy. I worked the beds in the community garden with Kid #2. I did some laundry. I have a apple crumb pie in the oven. Once the pie is done, I peel potatoes for dinner, and finish this...I will go upstairs to crash. My body is wrecked. The diamox is a good pill (diuretic) but it is a nasty pill too.

So there you go. I am sorry I cyber pi
nkie promised. I gotta remember not to do that. Ha!


  1. Hahaha!! I'm so glad your pre-op went well, and kudos to a good doc!! Apple crumb pie sounds mmmmm mmmmm good! Take care and get plenty of rest!

  2. I am trying to get rest but the urge to nest has climbed on my back. I have been dusting

  3. Thinking about ya and hoping you are well!!

  4. I am home. I am fine. Just recouping. I will post about it when I am less yucky. Thank you. :)