Saturday, May 16, 2015

April Showers bring May Surgeries


   Let`s see. Where to begin...My eyes are fine. The optic nerves are not being bothered. I go back in six months for another check. Yay!

  I had my si
nus cat scan and the nose doctor says it is fine. There are no cracks or leaks coming from it. Yay!

  My surgeon called Thursday night to tell me the good news again. He said I have to schedule the surgery right away and I would see him on the 22nd to discuss what is going to happen.

   His assista
nt called yesterday. My surgery date is May 28th. Yikes! That is quick. I have a pre op physical scheduled for Tuesday morning.  Real quick.

new meds, Diamox, is helping with the pressure and  I am not foggy anymore. But I am so emotional. I run hot and cold. Sad or mad. I hate it. I am hoping this will pass the longer I take it.

So that is it for
now. That is a pic of part of my front yard. I bought the flamingos today. They make me happy. I need some happy.


  1. You broke a cyber pinky I think getting your surgery done sooner is better. It sounds like you have suffered with this for too long as it is! I'm loving your yard! Flamingos = happy.

  2. Oh chit. LOL has been busy. I will do it now....after i drop the kid off.