Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ugly revisited


  I wanted to talk about a post that I had made two years ago called Ugly.  I was totally honest in that post. I have always thought of myself as very unattractive. When some guy ignored me because he wanted to be with one of my friends, I assumed it was cause I looked gross. I was shocked at how I could get a gorgeous guy to like me and to be with me for almost 30 years.
 Things have changed. He reinforces the beauty that he sees every chance he gets. He is giving me what I never got as a child. Being told I am beautiful. I still see the wretch in the mirror most times but ever so often, I see what he sees. He has slowly made cracks in that mirror for me. I will probably never classify myself as pretty or beautiful but I am doing better.
He loves me.

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