Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Using the day wisely

Last Sunday digging in the dirt


  Gorgeous morning. It is almost 7am, coffee is brewing, and stuff is out to defrost for dinner. I put on shorts and a tank. I will done my garden shoes and hat plus plenty of sunscreen. Today I am going to clean the yard.  I have piles all over the place that have to be bagged up for trash. Then, if my body lets me, I am going to dig up some of the spiderwort that has taken over the front yard. It is a bitch. It is really pretty but it will multiply like a mouse if you let it. I have my work cut out for me. I want the front dug out by the Fall.
  Today will be a typical day. Laundry, cleaning, bring Fred some lunch, yard work and cook dinner. This week I will buy paint to finish the walls in Chelsea`s room. Curtains, bed linens, shampoo the carpet, and find her a garment rack to hang her stuff up. I promised that I would get her room done before she comes home and I am sticking to that promise. She has a AC in her room so that will be good too.

  I realized this morning that I think I did not say what happened with my upper endoscopy. The Dr said no cancer, no polyps. I have a very small ulcer but not to worry about it. There is slight erosion at the end of my esophagus plus some irritation. This is why I was getting the stuck feeling in my chest. I have to modify my diet, again. Fred and I will be eating low carb/low fat beginning July 1st. I have already given up Diet Pepsi. The cola is bad for the ulcer. I will limit my citrus and tomatoes to rarely. Coffee! I cant quit but I can lower. I used to drink 3-4  cups (8oz) a day. I am sticking with just two. One in the morning and iced coffee in the afternoon. On the plus side, my weight just keeps dropping. I feel good but if I can curb my blood sugars, that would be even better.

  Tonight I am gonna make General Tso Tofu with rice and onions. It is poor week so I cant go out and buy fresh broccoli for it. Fred used that bag of frozen a couple days ago. With the change in our income, I have learned a few things. If you have the money at beginning of month, pay shit off early so you are not bombarded with due dates at the end. Buy frozen veggies in bulk! Buy bread in bulk. Cable tv is not worth the expense.

  Woot! I just won a $25 mastercard from Camel. I used it to buy the garment rack for the kid`s room. I have to pick up at Walmart. This has already turned out to be a good day!

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