Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tube tomorrow

I enter the tube tomorrow. I am trying not to fret. I have two valiums that will help me deal just fine. I will be having a MRI/MRA/MRV of my brain. It could take about 30 minutes or so. Being loopy and droopy will help me deal with the anxiety.
Wish me luck a
nd send some thoughts/prayers.

 The co
ntest so far has been very positive. I had one person give me a back handed compliment. You know what, if YOU think the other recipes are so drool worthy but you voted for me anyway, keep your votes. I dont want them from you. You have been a bitter bitch from day one. Keep it moving. I have people that love me that will help me get there. Geez. People can never keep the negative to themselves. Always have to stab somebody.

nyhoo...If you would like to vote again for my Walnut Pesto Pork Chops..go for it. If you dont want to, that is okay. At least you are being honest.

I am goi
ng to make some pumpkin bread today and watch the leaves fall out the window.

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