Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Fresh Twist Fisher Contest

Fisher nuts photo credit

It has started! I am the recipe for Walnut Pesto Pork Chops. Here is the link for the whole contest.  You can vote once a day from today until 11/20/2015. You have three votes to cast each day. You could use all three votes on my pork chops. Purdy please. I am getting doubts in my head. Some of the other recipes are amazing and so elaborate. What is it about mine that had them pick it for the vote?

Stop it! There will be
no bad juju. I have to try to be positive so that I could possibly win this. You all know my digits so there is no hiding now.

OMG! I ca
nt believe I am in a national contest!

 So leave yourself a
note and every day cast me a vote.
nk you!

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