Monday, November 2, 2015

I had a turkey feast

    I am up uber early this morning. Hubs has to work 630-3pm this week and the beater car still needs brakes (next week).I take him to work and bring him his lunch. That is gonna change. He will get a coffee cup and insulated bag. It will save on gas. Hopefully these hours dont become a thing. It will suck in the cold.
I wa
nted to share our Halloween. (Turn up the volume!) We had 15 kids total. We scared a few with our layout. Imagine the darkness of the back yard. hehehe Yes, 15 is sad but if you have read here enough, you know that 15 kids was a hit! And those kids will tell others for next year. Kid #2 did most of the decorating and she was proud of herself. She did a good job.

  We had a whirlwind blow thru last two weeks. I went to see the neuro. He wants me to have a MRI/MRA/MRV done of my brain. That will be done this Friday. He wants to see if I have a malformation of vessels in my head that could be causing the pressure. They need to call back because I will need drugs for that. 
 Then I saw the gyn. He told me that I am starting the process of perimenopause. My period is MIA and I have hot flashes. Like all the fucking time. I never experienced this before. It is awful. He said that if it continues, I can go on a short course of estrogen. I have to wait a couple months. I also have to have a ultrasound. It is a pain issue I have been dealing with since my ablation. I might have a hysterectomy in my future. I am partly ready for it cause the pain is enough to warrant it but I will do research first. I have two choices. The pain will go away with full on menopause when...early 50s. Or have the uterus taken out. Yup. Yup. Yup.

As I was leavi
ng the gyn, I got a call from Cambridge Ma. It was the geneticist`s office. They had a cancellation the next day for me. Kid #2 and I gathered up our courage and set off at 530am the next morning on the Amtrak to Boston. We got on the T to Cambridge and we had a good visit. He feels because of my age, we cannot physically prove that I have a connective tissue disorder. I am too stiff. I used to be able to do all the tricks (hypermobile) as a kid till up to my 30s. He needs enough proof so the insurance company will pay for the blood work. He sees a couple variants in me and my family history. BUT he feels that Kid #2 definitely will pass the physical tests. Her blood work will go through and he will have a better case for them to accept mine. Let`s just hope it happens before January.  We did good. We went on a trip and navigated and didnt freak out.  They gave me her March appt for my followup. They will squeeze her in for a cancellation. I hope I have the cash to pay for it. I have been socking money away for it.

 Oh wait u
ntil you read this shit......Okay. So I like to enter contests. I have won some pretty neat stuff. I never have the expectation of winning the grand prize. If I can win anything else, that is cool. Odds of winning top prize are slim. Except this time. I had entered a recipe contest for Fisher nuts. You had to submit recipes using one of the Fisher nuts (walnuts, pecans, or almonds) I wanted the prize of getting all three of those in big bags. I was thinking of the holidays. I entered my pesto pork chops.
 I get a call at like 8pm at
night from Illinois. I was going to ignore it but they called three times so I answered. Good thing I did! I am a finalist!
 I am o
ne of 20 that were chosen. There will be a national voting of our recipes from the 3rd-20th. After that, the three highest voted will be judged by a panel which includes Chef Alex guarnaschelli.  The winner gets a 3 day/2 night trip to nyc, hotel, meet Alex, eat at her place, Butter, and a bunch of other stuff. The other 19 people get her new cookbook and those bags of nuts. In my eyes, I am already a winner!

  I will post the li
nk tomorrow and if any of you want to help me win, I would be so grateful. 

I had some stomach yuck the past few days. I am feeling oh so normal least for me. I am going to make some pumpkin bread this morning and possibly pull out my winter clothes. With these hot flashes and hot body...I will probably just be wearing t-shirts all winter. 
 As for the turkey feast...They dont like turkey at all. We will probably have a chicken for unthanksgiving. So they obliged me yesterday. We cooked the hotel turkey breast I had in freezer. Mashed tatos, stuffing, and veggies. I was in heaven. I LOVE turkey. I know they love me cause nobody made a face. And there are leftovers!

BTW..I had 3 hot flash mome
nts while typing this. 1. I need a new computer cause it took way too long with all the letter n and e issues. 2. I told you they were bad. Damn hormonally challenged.

Happy Monday!


  1. Most definitely post that link!! I'll vote for you everyday!!!

  2. All set up. Gosh. I am excited and nervous. Gonna be a long two weeks!