Thursday, July 26, 2012

That was long enough

Hello! How are you? What`s been going on?

    I know I said I was coming back on August 1st but now is as good a time as any. Right? Right!

 I had to step away from the computer for a bit and reflect on some things. I am glad that I did. I was able to wash away some things that were weighing on me for a long time.  I learned who were my friends and family. I was still going on Facebook but I was not like on it ALL THE TIME. In fact,  I do not have to be on there as much any more. It is not a priority for me to have to be there like before. It feels good to let that shit go and relax. I had to decide if I was going to be a bitter bitch over a certain situation or not. I had a long talk with a couple friends about it. I decided that I  had to let it all go. And I feel good and free from it all.   I had to decide to move on for my health and well being. I cannot get mixed up in toxic shit anymore.  I was guilty of it in the past. So I guess I got as good as I gave.  I hope no one is proud of it. Because I am not. I am glad I was able to not dwell on it anymore.  I had to. Dwelling on bullshit makes your ass cramp. And nobody wants that.:)

  I have been getting some stuff done around the house. De-cluttering a lot of things. I have been cooking and cleaning every day except on those past days where the dew point was like in the 70s. Those days I laid around and watched True Blood on DVD. I was able to get seasons 1-3 from the library and I am waiting for season 4 to arrive. Then I will be up on Sookie Stackhouse until season 5 comes out. I found some TB fans/friends out there and I love you. :) You all did not spoil it for me and I appreciate that.
  We still do not know what is going on with Fred. He is back to work though (thank goodness) We are waiting on tests results from urologist to come back. It takes 3 weeks to find out. Should know something next week. No stones so they are searching for other things.
Garden is what it is. The cucumbers were attacked by a boring beetle so I did not get even one. Tomatoes are okay. My kale and brussel sprouts are finally showing some promise. I have beets and carrots growing by leaps and bounds. It was a strange growing season because Spring took too long to start but I am happy with what I have grown so far.
I have been steadily picking blackberries every two days for freezing. When the bag is full, I will make a batch of jam with it to put in half pints.
The yard is a freaking jungle! I cannot wait until we get some genuine cooler weather so I can pull and hack away at all of it. Hopefully after this storm, we will get some cooler weather.

I will be back on the weight loss journey again ...yeah yeah yeah. Sure, Heidi. Natalie wants to give the gym another try before I pull the plug and cancel all the memberships. My period is on it`s way so I am thinking we will wait until Monday.

I told you I was not going to be gone for good. I just took a little brain vacation. I have some new plants I want to share and some new recipes that I have tried. I even have a new tattoo to share! But that will be another time.

Have a nice Thursday!

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  1. Love you, sweetie! <3

    My garden is such a mess, but, this is the month that I traditionally hide in the house, so I will continue to honor the tradition. ;)