Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bracelet Tattoo

Right wrist.
   I acquired a new tattoo while I was away. I have been thinking of this one for a bit and it was itching at me to get done. I did not have enough cash to have exactly what I want it to become.  I had an opportunity to get the names done first and the cost was  minimal so I went for it. If you didn't already know, these are my girl`s names. I wanted their initials to be next to each other. That is why they are playing off each other in such a way. Later, I am going to have a filigree bracelet design tattooed around it and towards the center on my wrist on the inside to make it a true bracelet. I will not have it go completely around. I like the kind of silver bracelets that are cuff like.
 Even though these girls can really get on my nerves sometimes like all kids do, they are still my girls. They deserve a place in my heart and I felt a spot on my body. Some of you may not agree with tattooing and that is okay. I never had it done before my 40s. My dad had lots of tattoos and he scared us all into not getting any. Plus in the 80s and 90s, it just wasn't the thing to do unless you were around others that gave and received tattoos too. For once in my life, I am a late bloomer!
  Natalie was with me when I got it. I sent a picture to Chelsea in a text message because at the time she wasn't home. She was very surprised and gave it positive feedback. That right there was worth it. To have her know that I really do care about her.
Eventually I have to think of a tattoo of Fred but not his name (taboo!) and I still have to have the ship tattooed for my Dad. All of these are going on my right arm. If I can achieve a full sleeve in my lifetime, I will be very happy.


  1. I think that is very cool.

    Sometimes, I wish I wasn't such a chicken. ;)

  2. That is okay. Tattoos are not for everybody.