Monday, July 30, 2012

I adopted a few green babies

A Scheffelera,(or Umbrella plant)
   I grew up with houseplants all around me as a kid. So it is  not surprising that I would acquire quite a few as I got older. In my 20s and 30s, I think I had collected about 30 houseplants of different sizes. As we moved to different places over the years and our final move here, many of those plants did not make it for one reason or another. I have to tell you that I cannot grow African Violets. I have tried. My Mother was a whiz with them. They always looked beautiful and they always flowered. And she did not have those fancy violet pots. They just loved her. She passes away, the plants come to me, they die within the month. Eh! That is okay.
  I had gotten into a houseplant slump for the next 10 years because I had the yard to work in. Now the yard is becoming too much for me. Sucks to admit it but it is true. I cannot do all that Iused to do in it and I had to stop becoming depressed about it. . So I started getting some houseplants. Here are a couple that I have gotten recently.
  That umbrella plant is upstairs in my room. It already has new growth. I am going to repot all of these plants in the fall. That is the best time to do it. The heat of the summer is enough stress. I paid $7.99 for that plant at the local grocery store. It was calling to me from the store window as I was checking out.
Buy me Heidi! I want to live with you!
Now, it is a leaf dropper and that tends to piss me off, but I will be okay with it. It is still gorgeous and everyone tells me it will be HUGE!

Big leaves
 This Philly came from my friend A`s Mom`s house. She is moving in with A and there is not enough light in A`s  house for any plants to survive. She has the plant corpses to prove it. This one is in dire need of a repot. I did not know what it was! Then one of my friends popped on Facebook and told me it was a Philodendron. She told me that there are many varieties of this genus (is it a genus?) I had a philly for a long time but it was a hanging one. The kind where it would start to grow and get leggy. You could cut off the stems, put them in water, and they would root. Mine did not look like this one at all. She posted a picture of hers and it is the exact same plant.
It can take a beating! It is in a too small pot with not much dirt. It needed to be watered badly. I watered it, put it on my dresser in front of the window and it bloomed a leaf! It likes it here. If all goes well, this will be a huge plant also. I have this low table in the dining room that I can put it on.

Mother in Law`s tongue/Not my plant
  My ass is too lazy to go upstairs and outside to take pictures so I will just show you this one pic I pilfered online. It is called the Mother in Law`s tongue. I used to have a huge one back when Natalie was little. We moved and it died. Very particular about where it wants to be.
  I bought one on a trip to Home Depot a couple months ago and it needs to be repotted. It is large and it likes living here. And I only paid $5 for it. They wanted to get them out of the store. I have another one that I adopted from the same place as the Philly. That MIL tongue needs some TLC. It is not seated in it`s pot very well. I think I will need some staking for awhile. I am very happy that I have all these new plants to fret over. All my catci do not need me that much so I needed some new greenery to have fun with in the winter months.

Now I need to decide what kinds of pots to put them in!


  1. Ah, house plants! :) Depending on where I have been in life or what my priorities are, they have either flourished or famined. ;) lol

    When the kids were very little, I was just down to the succulents.

    The kids had all given me African violets for Mother's day over the years. I had three. They flourished at the last house. They sat behind the kitchen sink under the fluorescent bulb. When we moved here, they all died. I was so bummed as they were from the kids and they had lived for so long.

    The umbrella plant grows like a weed in Singapore. Killed that one last year. Killed one of the ficas's this year.

    I have many of the "Mother in laws tongue." We call them snake plants, perhaps you remember them? The were on the window sill of the stained glass window up the stairs and one in the living room. I have divided it three times already. It comes from one divided from dan's great grandmother. :)

    Wishing you the best with your indoor plants, I'm on the down sizing of indoor plants. :)

  2. I just had cacti, a very large christmas cactus, a floor plant that wont die, and a couple weird cactus/succlent things that I adopted from other people and I have no idea what they are.
    Now I have more.