Tuesday, January 31, 2017

There goes the other shoe

  Some major life changes have happened since I posted yesterday morning. I am just gonna say it because why act like everything is okay. Because it is not. Hubs was terminated from his job of 28 years yesterday. I will not get into specifics because it is going to be going through grievance and such with the union. Maybe later on I can say stuff but not now. I hope you all understand.

Yeah. So I am a tacky bitch and put up a Paypal button. Think what you want of me but a girl needs to make some money. There is no pressure for any of you to donate. Maybe some stray person will come looking at one of my posts and throw me a dollar. I am just covering all my bases. Hubs can file for unemployment while we wait to hear what happens. I am going to get out of my ebay/etsy hiatus and sell my shit that I gots to sell. I am also thinking I might have to go back to work. Just a thought. My sick ass at work would be hilarious. But if I have to do it, I will.
Tomorrow I will return the cable boxes and turn off the cable. Internet has to stay cause we need entertainment and I have to use it to sell all the stuff around here. I am in survival mode. I do not know how long it will last till we find out if he gets his job back, they throw money at him, or he finds another position someplace. All is too raw for me to speculate. This is virgin territory for us. 28 yrs at the same place. He is gonna need career counseling.
We will have no health insurance. I think we have a month on his insurance. I want to get a rush on my cervical MRI to just make sure it is not something bad. If it is just nerve impingement, I can look up the PT exercises online.

So yeah, our life right now is pretty bad. As low as it can get. I guess we can only go up from here. Oh, and I figured out how to add my Instagram back as I was adding the Paypal button. Little miracles.
I am gonna get off here because I will start to blather on. It will snow today. 2-4 inches. Lesser for us. I am going to make some soup today. I am going to sort through my minis and antique stuff today. I will probably take pictures too. I think I will figure out how to add etsy to here too.

Okay. Wish us luck! I will still be here. Maybe more frequent to stress cry. I need to meditate.

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