Monday, April 25, 2016

Walking on the wild side

    Kid #2 and I have been walking for the past year. Not a whole lot because of my health but way more then ever before. We love to walk at the local arboretum at the college. It is not far from our home. We drive there now. This week I am going to surprise her. We are going to get some new sneakers. Good ones too. And maybe one day we can then walk to the arboretum, walk around, and then walk home. But we have to build up to it. That would be the ultimate!
I thought I would share some pics from our last walk. It was a gorgeous day. 
This is the pond. Not the very beginning of the walk but about 5 minutes in. We stopped to look at the turtles sunning on the rocks.
This is why my phone sucks and I ordered the iPhone. I couldn't zoom on the puddle ducks in front of us so they blurred out. They waddled back into the pond when they saw us. 
I have never been able to do the forest loop without wanting to die afterward. That day I felt good and we decided to DO IT.
Omg! Made me gulp. I hate heights. Long drop down.
Here is another perspective. I was less scared of this area for some strange reason.
Down and up and off the right and we will be almost done. 
This shot is the beginning (we start at that gravel path) and the end (we enter from the right of the picture). There is a nice wide stone bench to sit on, drink our water, and catch a breeze.  We usually do a 20 minute easy walk but this day we were out there for an hour. And I didn't die! Score!
  I have to research what kind of sneaks I should get. I tend to get plantar fasciitis so I need strong/hard soled shoes. 

There is a peek into one of my daily adventures. With the new phone, I will be able to document more. I wish I could be out there today. I will rest up so I can have more walking adventures with the kid. 

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