Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Svelte is the way to be



   It will hard to be positive with this post. The only thing good I can say about my two endoscopies is that he didnt see anything that would make him think cancer. Which I am thankful for. I was told as per procedure, I have to wait for the card to come in the mail with my results. That will either be Friday-Monday. He wants to see me. He said to call after I get the card to make appointment so we can talk. Yup.
 The nurse that was attending me was reading the instructions and such and told me what his initial findings were. It said ulcerative esophagitis and colitis. I stopped her. Do you mean colitis as in inflammatory bowel diseases? She gave me a look and said to wait for the biopsy results. He took biospies from everywhere. If you have a IBD, the biopsy can tell them so.
  On top of everything else, I have either Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. I am thinking it is the CD. I have what you would call Gastroduodenal Crohn`s..I am guessing from my symptoms.
I had a small introduction into it from the Gastro`s np. So I am not totally surprised and I am not freaking out. It is just another nail in my coffin. That is all. For some reason, the cosmo`s want me to suffer. There is not a part on my body that is not suffering. What am I supposed to do? Cry about it? I probably will later.
  But for now I am just going to live my life. And save up for a plastic surgeon cause as I lose weight, the skin will continue to sag. I will only look like Dovima with a body shaper to squish all the excess skin. My two besties were shocked at my appearance. You could read it on their faces. I have dropped some major stomach inches.

  We finally got some snow. Two big storms a week apart. It is a cold and wet wonderland out there. I did slide on my butt while brushing off the car. I ha a good laugh to myself. I was okay. There is going to be 1-2 inches falling every day for the next couple days. And then a major freeze. Ugh.
 Kid #1 turns 27 yrs old on Monday. I am going to make her a cheese cake with strawberry sauce. Her favorite. That is my gift to her. I didnt get a birthday gift this year from anyone so I will do my best to treat them as they have treated me. I will celebrate their day but I wont buy a gift.

Arent these gorg? I have to find a place to get river rocks either free or cheap. This has to be done for my house garden. Here is the link if you want to do it too. I could see those all over my raised beds outside. Oh yes, the raised beds are going to happen. That is one thing that is going to happen, the raised beds out front with a cute fence to keep people away, kinda sorta.  I want to be able to go out in my slippers to water and weed!

BRB D.O.G. wants out again...ugh.

I saw this on FB the other day. My Aunt made this once when her family came to visit mine when I was a kid. It is funny the things you remember. I posted it on her wall. She is in her 80s. She and her daughter (my cousin) were laughing. The grand daughter makes it all the time. She passed it down like I will pass down my bon bons.

I really need to find someone or someplace that can help me organize a big binder full of everything they will  need to know when I am not here. Passwords, banking, account numbers, how much things have to be paid and when, recipes. All of it. I have to do it for my own peace of mind.. Wow that got sad real quick...sorry about that.
I have dishes to do and they are screaming to get done. I hope you are having a delightful February so far.

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