Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Who needs food?


Low Fat (no dairy too)
Low Fiber
Low Sodium

 Oh yeah. That looks like a fun time. My breakfast/lunch included 2 eggs scrambled with no dairy or fat, 1 slice of white toast dry, and 8 oz of plain kefir. Dinner will be a half cup of white rice and I am going to try some ahi tuna. I will have to eat some cooked carrots which I hate hate hate but I dont want to get sick.
 The list is more extensive but I dont want to depress you. I have to also give up coffee. All the foods I shouldnt eat in the Fat and Fiber realm hurt me so badly. Bad enough that I will not cheat. At all. I promise.
I had my appt with the gastro moved up to next week cause I dont think I can suffer another month without seeing him.

That is all. I am moody and dont wanna talk. More at another time

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