Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother`s Day 2014


 First off, I want to hope that if you are a Mom or a Mother figure..that you have a great day today. I hope you are praised, pampered, loved, and treated like the Queen that you are. You deserve it!

   It is a really
nice day out there today. The pollen count is high. I can tell because I ran out of Zyrtec and I am broke. This will be a fun. LOL Itching will commence! I will survive it until payday. My plans for this beautiful day are to cook a massive (8lb) eye of round roast beef. I will do mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. This is my gift to myself. I wanted to make sure I had something to look forward to today. I might make gravy too. Oh yeah.

 I have plans for the day. I have to clean the food pantry because ants found the jar of honey. I want to sweep up all the debris off the patio. I promised to help Kid #2 start packing her stuff. And Kid #1 wants me to color her hair. Plus there is laundry to do. There are always dishes in the sink.
   I guess there is no pampering today for this Mama.

 That is okay. I have come to terms with that. I realized a couple weeks ago that the day was fast approachi
ng. I decided that I was not going to hint around or chide them for not remembering. Or worse, Scold them for remembering that it is Mother`s Day on Mother`s Day. Then you get half assed apologies as your gift.  For whatever reason, I am not worthy of being remembered on this day. I will probably cry in the bathtub later but for right is just Sunday.  <---that just sounded really bitter but that was not my intention. After so many of these MD`s that come and go..I know that I just do not deserve it like other Mothers. 

  This day will go and I will be okay on Monday.

  I have a 8lb eye of rou
nd roast to get in the oven sometime soon. She is a beautiful beast that i bought around Christmas for a really good price. I saved it. Today is her day. She will make me happy. I have not had a roast beef in forever. I have made pot roast but not a roast beef. My Dad made nice ones. That is a good food memory. I hope I do the roast it`s justice. It will be very garlicy.

Off to do my list. Have a great day!

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