Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beautiful days outshine the crap


  Busy Sunday here. Since we have less money to spend, Hubs and I have been making foods for the week. I just made some hummus. Cut up celery (stored in water). I have some carrots and radishes. After I am done here, I am going to cook soup in the crock pot. We have salad stuff for the week and I will bake a batch of brownies. We have to learn to live without processed foods that cost too much.     
    I am trying really hard to spend less. I saved as many receipts as I could in April. I tallied them up into categories. Food, take out, miscellaneous, and pharmacy. I am not gonna say how much I spent in the four weeks but it is more than I thought. I was sure I was spending less then I was but apparently not. If I can cut out take out all together (dunkin donuts, taco bell, $1 menus, Friday night pizza, sodas or gaterades just cause we are thirsty, and etc), I will save at the very least a couple hundred. I know it is more but I did not save every single receipt. I will this month. I will accomplish this!
  Well.....some things have happened this week. I had the MRI on Tuesday afternoon/evening to scan my cervical spine because of my symptoms. I get a call from my Endo/GP office on Thursday. Most of the conversation is a fog but she said they found  nodules on my thyroid. I had to have them ultrasound. She tried to reassure me it was okay and  normal but then she called back a hour later with a appointment for this coming Tuesday.



 I have to see the neuro on Thursday to see what he has to say about the scans in his realm. Let`s hope that I do not have spine stuff going on too.

   It does explai
n some things. If they find I have auto immune than I probably have Hashimoto`s, which means under active thyroid. This past couple weeks I have been having headaches, sore throat, fullness in my throat like food or pills would get stuck. This past week, if I talk too much, I start getting hoarse. I am a bit freaked out still even after my friend`s that have thyroid issues told me that I would be okay. It is so out of left field. I was not ready for that news. I like when I have some level of control.  So yeah...thyroid  nodules for now that will be scanned on Tuesday.

I think I will eat TWO brownies after dinner!

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