Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ketogenic Food Plan


   A week ago, I stumbled onto a way of eating that is like low carb but gives you more foods so that you dont feel like killing your family from hunger. It is called Ketogenic. It is a very old eating plan that has been around since 1924. It was developed to help children with epilepsy. And it worked! You eat around 25 grams of carbs a day. You eat moderate protein and high amounts of fat. It puts you in a state of ketosis that has your body burn the excess fat you have instead of the food you consume. It is not dangerous at all. My Dr gave the okay for it. I started two days ago. I have to say that the extra fat is helping. I dont feel like mega crap from low carb flu. I have been drinking plenty of water also so that I can add back the water that I am losing, I also drink chicken broth for a mid day snack to add the salt back that I am losing.  I have to get some keto sticks at the pharmacy. You pee on them and it tells you if you are in ketosis yet.
 We shall see how this works.

  I have been busy with life. Maybe that is why I dont post as much. I just forget. Once it gets colder and I am holed up inside with a blanket on, I might post more. I have a couple recipes to share this weekend too. I remembered I hadnt posted so I am throwing this out there to let you know I am okay.

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